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Pink's Sensational 2024 AU Tour: A Record-Breaking Adventure

Pink Sets New Milestones with Her Upcoming Australian Tour!
In what is shaping into an extraordinary musical journey, Pink is set to redefine concert experiences in Australia and New Zealand in 2024. The pop icon’s tour dubbed the ‘Summer Carnival,’ promises to be a spectacle of epic proportions, spanning 16 shows across Australia. This tour marks Pink’s triumphant return to the region and includes a groundbreaking first: her debut stadium concert in North Queensland.

A Historic Concert in the Heart of Queensland

Pink’s visit will reach its crescendo with a historic show at the Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville on March 23. This venue, usually echoing with the cheers of rugby league fans, will transform into a concert hall for a night of unforgettable musical extravagance. This announcement was part of a more significant revelation at a press conference attended by government dignitaries, underlining the significance of this event. As stated at the conference, “Queensland is the only state where Pink plays three separate cities, and this is the only regional stop.”

Shattering Records and Expectations

Pink’s relationship with Australia is nothing short of phenomenal. Her 16 stadium concerts this tour are just one facet of her record-breaking streak, which includes surpassing 725,000 ticket sales, a feat she’s already well beyond. Roger Field, President of Live Nation Australia, noted the immense popularity of Pink’s shows, which “sold out in minutes across the country.” The extension of her tour to North Queensland is a testament to her unparalleled demand in the region.

An ‘Honorary Aussie’ Returns

Pink’s bond with Australia runs deep, earning her the affectionate moniker of an “honorary Aussie.” Her previous tours have left indelible marks on the Australian music scene. The 2009 Funhouse Tour stands out as a monumental achievement. Pink performed an astounding 59 shows over three months, selling 650,000 tickets – a remarkable feat considering Australia’s population was less than 25 million then.

In Conclusion

Pink’s 2024 Summer Carnival Tour is more than just a series of concerts; it celebrates her enduring relationship with Australian fans. With record-breaking sales and a lineup of shows in some of the country’s most iconic venues, Pink’s tour is poised to be an unforgettable musical odyssey, solidifying her beloved figure in the Australian entertainment landscape.

Summer Carnival Australian Tour 2024

Pink’s 2024 Summer Carnival Tour